"Let me keep my mind on what matters
Which is mostly standing still
And learning to be astonished"

~ Mary Oliver ~

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Time spent with Owen – Summer of 2011

Owen, you amaze me with your special way of thinking, the things you notice that no one else does, your thoughtfulness and your caring.  Do you know what an incredible person you are?

 When you were planning your trip out west this summer, I asked you what your favourite foods were and what you didn’t like, so I’d know what to fill my fridge with.  You told me that there was only one food you didn’t like, cheese.  “But,” you said, “It’s ok if you go ahead and buy it; somebody else might like to eat it.”  What a considerate person you are!  Your list of likes was very long, showing me that you are somebody who is not fussy and someone who is open to many different kinds of food experiences.  You did surprise me, though, when you told me that mussels topped your list!

You asked me, “How old are you, Bubbie?”  And when I told you, you were shocked.  “Really?” you responded.  “But you’re so .... lifelike!”  I had to laugh at the word you chose.  “What do you mean by ‘lifelike’?” I inquired.  “Well, you’re so active – you can do so many things – not like a grandmother!” you said.  It amazed me that even though I hobble about on my cane, feeling unable to participate as fully as I’d like, you see me as someone active.  I loved the word “lifelike,” too. Usually, it’s meant for something that’s dead, or something inanimate that’s made so well that it looks alive – like a wax figure, or a beautiful painting. Whatever you intended, I took it as a wonderful compliment.  Thank you!
You asked me about the things you noticed around my apartment, things I had made by hand, either knitted or needlepointed. “Did you do that all by yourself?” “That must have been hard.”  “Did it take a long time?” “How many threads did it take for the eyes?” Owen, you are someone who takes the time to see what’s in front of you.  You recognize and appreciate people’s work and all the details of it.  I don’t think many ten-year-olds do that!

You even noticed my earlobes!  “Why are they so big, Bubbie?”  I told you that I was just born that way.  You thought about it and said, “You should check the weight of your earrings – maybe they’re too heavy!”  Always thinking ... knowing there are usually good reasons for everything.
I saw the time and effort you put into your sketchbook of drawings.  I see in your work all those fine points that you make sure to include, details that you notice and know are necessary.  I love how you focus that way!

 And, of course, your skateboarding skill is second-to-none!  You put so much energy into a sport that you love, you have so much patience, practising moves over and over again, and all of that pays off in how well you perform!  Developing that kind of patience, practice and attention will be a great tool as you move through life and try out all kinds of new things along your way.

We visited a lot of places while you were here – the Aquarium, the Museum of Anthropology, the Pride Parade, many skateboard parks, Sorry Baboushka to see Uncle Jamie play drums with his band, the Apple Store – oh, oh, all those desktops filled with yours and Lauren’s zombie faces!  Horrible Bosses (MFJ!), Kitsilano Showboat, the fireworks from Spain, Burnaby Village, Bard on the Beach, the Burnaby Blues Festival and more!  We really did a lot!  I was glad you asked if we could make challah again, and yours turned out beautifully!  Yum!  And I enjoyed playing cards with you, as much as any of the other adventures.  Yes, what I liked best was just spending time with you, in any way at all.  Your hugs and questions and incredible way of thinking just filled me up with so much joy!  
Always remember, Owen, that I will love you forever.