"Let me keep my mind on what matters
Which is mostly standing still
And learning to be astonished"

~ Mary Oliver ~

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Amazing Lauren!

Lauren, I just opened your pixel self-portrait, sent by your mom.  As I’ve known all along, and is so easy to see here -- what an amazing and artistically talented person you are!  I just love those shades!  How you got those lighting effects on the elevated cheekbones and recessed jaw line is way beyond my comprehension.  From my earliest memories of you, Lauren, you were creating and creative.  Yes, it was playdough in the early days and wonderful family drawings.  But now you have grown to incorporate the advances of technology into your own handwork.  I am in awe!

Lauren in Action Academy t-shirt from Me to We camp, 2010
 Today, you, Lauren, and your brother, Owen, are attending We Day in Toronto.  You are placing yourselves among those who pledge to make change in the world, no small endeavour.  I know that you have attended a Me to We camp and participated firsthand in this wonderful program for and by young people to free children in countries where children’s rights are so diminished that many have no clean water, or schools, or even homes that could be considered safe shelters.  How proud it makes me feel to know that my granddaughter and now my grandson are interested and committed to such compassionate efforts and action in the world! 

What an incredible treat for me to have had you and your family here at my place for two weeks during the summer this year.  It was wonderful that you all could come for Uncle Jamie’s wedding!  Lauren, you are growing up so fast – yes, same height as Bubbie now – and who knows what heights you’ll eventually reach!  I was fascinated to watch you doing your beadwork, and gimp work, always making necklaces or bracelets, creating gifts for others.  You always helped to clear your place at the table and were so capable in the kitchen, not hesitating to put something together for yourself to eat.  I had fun making lime meringue pie with you!   
I noticed small things, too – when I took you to buy some beads and tools, you kept telling me that you didn’t need this and you didn’t need that – “That’s ok; that’s ok,” you repeated – I knew you were worried that I was spending too much money on you.  And if I didn’t have a particular product you wanted, you also kept repeating that same, “that’s ok; that’s ok,” not wanting to put me out in any way.  Although I wouldn’t begrudge getting you anything that I could, it felt good to see how considerate you are, focused beyond yourself, and again I felt very proud.  We went to see many sights while you were here, but I confess that my favourites were just staying home and baking challah together, or playing Scrabble or cards, and yes, frying up just a few more bacon rashers!!  It’s the simple things of being together that are important, and I treasure every moment I get to spend with you.  

You looked so beautiful at Uncle Jamie’s wedding, all dressed up as a Junior Bridesmaid, complete with make-up, high-heeled shoes and all!  You were great at taking charge of the younger members of the bridal party and keeping them in tow.   

                                                        Yes, Lauren, you are growing up to be such a fine young woman with a big heart and everything it takes to make your way successfully in the world.  Don’t be afraid to follow your dreams, even if the going gets scary.  You can be scared -- and do it, anyway!  Best of luck in getting into an arts high school!  Lots of courage in trying out for the school musical this year!  Let the world see the light you have to share!